ASTM D2847 Engine Coolant Test Bundle

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For evaluation of engine coolants in actual vehicle service

P/N TF4009

Engine Coolant Testing Parts

P/N Description
TF4009 D2847 Test Bundle
TF4000C Insulating Sleeve (TFE)
TF4000D Steel Spacer
CO1463780504100 Steel Coupon (C1020)
TF4000E Brass Spacer
CO1464190504100 Copper Coupon (CDA110)
TF4000F 3/16" Insulating Spacer (TFE)
CO1464270504100 Brass Coupon (CDA260)
ST1253783 1/16" Insulating Spacer (TFE)
CO1464273504100* Solder Coupon (30/70)
09369E1024HN0000 10-24 Brass Nut
CO3373130504100 Cast Aluminum Coupon (AL319)
09369E1024PH2000 2" x 10-24 Brass Pan Head Screw
CO337B930504100 Cast Iron Coupon (CL3500)

* Solder Coupon (30/70) is solder coated brass. Please specify if you require pure solder.

Note: Metal Samples manufactures test apparatus in accordance with ASTM standards. Metal Samples does not conduct test procedures and therefore does not attempt to address testing considerations. Please consult ASTM standards for safety guidelines and additional information regarding testing procedures.

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