Probe Adapters - ER / Microcor®

Adapters for Interconnecting ER and Microcor Probes
and Instruments

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Metal Samples offers a variety of probe-to-instrument adapters for making connections between Microcor and traditional ER equipment.  These adapters allow Microcor instruments to be used with traditional ER probes from Metal Samples, and allow Microcor probes to be measured using traditional ER instruments.*
*Note, measurement resolution will be based on the instrument being used.

Adapter bodies and fittings are made of 316L stainless steel, and all male connector pins are gold plated, providing a high degree of corrosion resistance.  Additionally, all electrical connections are weatherproof when properly installed, making these adapters suitable for use in almost any environment.

Probe Adapter Ordering Information

Adapters for Standard Probe Mounts (NPT, Flanged, Retractable)
Mechanical Diagram
Probe Type ER Probe to Microcor Instrument Microcor Probe to ER Instrument
Cylindrical Part # HA700113158 Part # HA700115158
Flush Part # HA700116158 Part # HA700117158


Adapters for High-Pressure Probes (for 2" HPTM and MHTM Access Systems)
Mechanical Diagram
Probe Type Options ER Probe to Microcor Instrument Microcor Probe to ER Instrument
Cylindrical Rod Only Part # HA700118158 Part # HA700122158
Rod with Fitting and Blowout Preventer Part # HA700119158 Part # HA700123158
Flush Rod Only Part # HA700120158 Part # HA700124158
Rod with Fitting and Blowout Preventer Part # HA700121158 Part # HA700114158

** Optional fitting and blowout preventer for use with Access Fitting cover.

Temperature Rating: -20° F to 350° F (-29° C to 176.6° C)

Microcor® is a registered trademark of Cosasco.

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