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Scale & Bio-Film (Mesh) Coupons

Scale Coupons

Scale coupons (or deposition coupons) provide a qualitative measure of relative deposition rates in industrial water and manufacturing process systems. Corrosion Coupons - Scale
Strip Scale Coupons
P/N (Style) Size (W x L x T) Hole
(Sq. In.)
CO115 1/2" X 3" X 1/16" Ø1/4" 3.37
Cylindrical Scale Coupons
P/N (Style) Size (Diameter
x Length)
Thread Slot Area
(Sq. In.)
ES209 Ø1/4" X 3" 1/4"-20 X 3/8" 1/16" 2.505



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Bio-Film (Mesh) Coupons

Mesh bio film coupons are used for quantification or identification of microorganisms. Constructed from a stainless steel mesh, the bio film coupon provides an ideal surface for the growth of bio-film while resisting corrosion. Bio film coupons are laser-cut which sears the edges and prevents fraying. Corrosion Coupons - BioFilm
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