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CP Coupon

for Polarization Measurements

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The Metal Samples CP Coupon is used to simulate an exposed section of buried pipe or structure for the purpose of conducting IR drop free potential measurements. The CP Coupon is made from carbon steel and has an epoxy base to seal and protect the wire connections. Two 12 AWG stranded copper leads are provided for connection to a CP test station. The leads terminate in quarter-inch ring terminals for quick and easy installation to most CP test station binding posts.

Coupon Alloy: Carbon Steel (AISI C1018)
Exposed Area: 1.4 Sq. In. (9 cm2)
Lead Type: Two 12 AWG (4 mm2) Stranded Copper
Lead Length: 5 m (16.5')
Lead Color: Green (other colors available on request)
Termination Type: 1/4" (6.35 mm) Ring Terminals

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