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CP / ER Test Station

for Harsh Environments

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The Metal Samples Harsh Environment CP/ER Test Station provides a complete solution for making corrosion and potential measurements on buried pipes or structures. The test station provides test points for the pipe/structure, two CP coupons1, and an optional reference electrode1. The test station also provides two interrupt switches which can be used to disconnect the coupons from the pipe or structure for instant-off measurements.

The internal faceplate of the CP/ER Test Station is pre-cut to accommodate a 6-pin panel connector from a standard ER underground probe1. This allows all measurements to be terminated within the same enclosure, simplifying installation and reducing cost. Once installed, the ER probe's grounding lead may be connected to either of the Pipe terminal posts to bond it to the pipe and CP system.

The test station is housed in a 316L stainless steel weatherproof 2 enclosure and utilizes corrosion resistant components, allowing it to be used in harsh environments. The test station is designed to mount directly onto a 3" conduit fitting1, making installation simple.

1 Items sold separately.
2 Requires proper installation to maintain weatherproof rating.

Enclosure Specifications
Material: 316L SS
Rating: Weatherproof (NEMA 4X/IP66)
Hinge: 316L SS, Continuous
Latch: 316L SS, Toggle, Qty. 2
Mounting: 3" Conduit Entry (Bottom)
Hardware Specifications
Hardware Material: 316L SS, Nickel, Tinned Copper, Brass
Panel Material: G10 FRP
Terminals: Pipe/Structure (Qty 2)
CP Coupon 1 (Qty 2)
CP Coupon 2 (Qty 2)
Permanent Reference Electrode (Qty 1)
Terminal Labeling:

Polycarbonate, Sub-Surface Printed

Switch Specifications
Type: Magnetic Reed
Contact Resistance: 150 m or Less
Switching Current: 0.25 Amps DC Minimum
Temperature Range: -20 to +70°C or Better



Typical Installation*

* Actual installation may vary depending on project and site requirements.
Some equipment shown is optional and is sold separately.
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