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CP / ER Test Station

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The Metal Samples CP/ER Test Station provides an integrated solution for monitoring the effectiveness of a cathodic protection system. The test station offers an integrated ER corrosion probe element, a CP ring coupon, and a standard CP test station terminal enclosure for making connections and conducting measurements.

The ER corrosion probe element and CP coupon each have a surface area of approximately 3.85 sq. in. (25 sq. cm.) Both are provided in pipe-grade carbon steel standard, but are available in other alloys upon request. The ER element has a life of 25 mils (.635 mm).

ER Test Head

CP/ER Test Station

The terminal box provides connection and monitoring points for the pipe/CP system, the CP coupon, the ER element, and an optional reference cell. The test head also provides two interrupt switches which can be used to temporarily disconnect the CP coupon and ER element from the CP system and conduct instant-off measurements.

Alternately the switches can be left in the off position to permanently isolate the coupon and/or ER element from the CP system and test the native (unprotected) soil behavior.

Terminal Box

The test station can be installed during an excavation or can be installed to an existing site by digging a small hole using a shovel or an auger.
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