Laser Sheet Cutting Services


Laser Cutting ServicesAlabama Laser's CO2 laser cutting systems include nesting capabilities for optimum work piece positioning, and flying optics that enhance the laser's multi-axis machining abilities.

Sheet sizes up to 6' x 11'.

Typical cutting thickness up to:
  •  3/4" on carbon steel
  •  3/8" on stainless steel
  •  3/8" on aluminum

Rapid cutting speeds, versatility, and tight tolerances (held to ± .005", depending on material and thickness) enable our lasers to perform tasks that would be difficult using conventional machinery.

Laser Cutting Services        

Our new 9,000 watt fiber laser system utilizes the latest advances in laser manufacturing technology, offering exceptional cut edge quality and high cutting speeds.

It is integrated with an automated sheet loading tower system, which allows for faster turnaround on large production runs.

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