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Micro Wire Feeder
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Micro Wire Feeder

Alabama Laser’s precision micro-wire feeder allows small diameter filler wire (thicknesses from .005” and .020”) to be added to a weld during a laser welding operation. The use of filler wire allows a broader range of welding applications than could be performed using autogenous laser welding.

The compact design of this wire feeder (4 ¾" height, 3 ¾" width, 2" depth) allows it to be used in a variety of configurations. The unit can introduce wire to the weld at a rate between 5 and 1,600 inches/minute.

The wire feeder comes with an adjustable precision guiding system to inject the wire precisely into the weld pool or coupled directly to the beam. Two ½" travel stages guide a hypodermic needle for pinpoint delivery of the wire. To ensure the smooth output of the cotinuously fed filler wire, the unit has an option to delay wire feed for a fraction of a second when the weld begins and stop a fraction of a second before the beam shuts off.

Micro Wire Feeder
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