Tissue Slice Thickness Gauge

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The Tissue Slice Thickness Gauge is used in conjunction with the Krumdieck Tissue Slicer to rapidly measure the thickness of slices being prepared.

The gauge operates by measuring the decrease in height of a tissue core as it is sliced. Measurements can be made after each slice or after a number of slices if average slice thickness is to be determined. The gauge mounts onto the reservoir of the Krumdieck Tissue Slicer, aligning the gauge's digital micrometer with the slicer's plunger. The micrometer is "zeroed" as it rests on the plunger before a slice is made. Following a cutting cycle, the micrometer takes a reading to measure the decrease in the height of the core. That decrease equals the thickness of the slice which is shown in microns on the micrometer's digital display.


  • Measures with an accuracy of 10 microns.
  • Slices do not have to be touched by the operator.
  • Measurements made within 10 seconds.
  • Prevents operator's bias.
  • Slices are not mechanically damaged or contaminated by the instrument.



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