Laser Process Development & Laser Research Services

Laser Research Services  Laser Research Services  Laser Research Services
Alabama Laser offers specialized laser process development and laser research services. Our in-house engineering team is devoted to providing solutions for laser machining problems, including system development and process development for laser cutting, welding, etching, heat treating, and cladding.


Process Development & Laser Research Projects include:

Laser Research Services

Laser Research Services Metal Deposition
Process development for metal powder deposition using fiber-delivered, direct diode lasers. Applications include repairing parts that have been damaged through the wearing away of surface metal.
More on laser metal deposition.

Laser Research Services Laser Heat Treating / Hardening
Heat treating applications to change the hardness of materials.
More on laser heat treating.

Laser Research Services Fiber Lasers
Development of new applications using the specialized beam performance of fiber lasers.
More on fiber lasers.

Laser Research Services Hybrid Welding
Our laser research team has worked to help develop a hybrid welding system which utilizes the welding capabilities of a 10,000 Watt fiber laser and a MIG welder.
More on hybrid welding.

Laser Research Services Laser Blanking
Research on high-speed laser blanking for the automobile industry.

Laser Research Services Improving Cut Quality
We work with companies to improve the cut quality of their laser systems using gas dynamic beam analysis and development of custom components, including beam directors, beam benders, cutting heads and welding heads.

Laser Research Services Weld Process Development
Using CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, and direct diode laser systems, the Alabama Laser research team continues to make advancements in laser welding process development for both diffusion and keyhole welding methods.

Laser Research Services Robotic Systems Applications
Combining robots, our beam delivery systems, and the technology of fiber lasers and direct diode lasers, we have explored new applications for cutting, welding, and laser hardening. The flexibility of fiber lasers and the compact size of direct diode lasers enable robots to be used as an effective motion system for laser material processing.

Metallurgical Laboratory
With our state-of-the-art metallurgical lab we are able to offer a range of analytical and consulting services.

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