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Tissue Coring Press

Alabama Research and Development has designed a new tissue coring press to be used to prepare live cylindrical tissue cores for use in the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer.

This easy-to-use unit sits on a 6" x 6" granite base and is only 12" high x 8" deep. The new design incorporates a DC motor (no more batteries to be concerned with) coupled with an integrated precision gear head. Just plug in the unit, turn on the switch and you are ready to make cores. 

The coring press is designed to be used with Alabama Research and Development coring tools ranging in size from 3 to 10 mm. 

New Features:
  • Fewer moving parts with lever controlled "push-down" handle.
  • Quick "twist-release" chuck (no wrenches required).
  • New chuck eliminates side wobble experienced with set-screw models.
  • LED lighted "on/off" push button switch. 


  • Eliminates the need for skillful operators to cut cores free hand.
  • Ensures obtaining reproducible cores.
  • Minimum training time needed for technicians to obtain high quality cores.


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