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Tissue Slice Thickness Gauge

The Tissue Slice Thickness Gauge is used in conjunction with the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer to rapidly measure the thickness of slices being prepared.

The gauge operates by measuring the decrease in height of a tissue core as it is sliced. Measurements can be made after each slice or after a number of slices if average slice thickness is to be determined. The gauge mounts onto the reservoir of the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer, aligning the gauge's digital micrometer with the slicer's plunger. The micrometer is "zeroed" as it rests on the plunger before a slice is made. Following a cutting cycle, the micrometer takes a reading to measure the decrease in the height of the core. That decrease equals the thickness of the slice which is shown in microns on the micrometer's digital display.


  • Measures with an accuracy of 10 microns.
  • Slices do not have to be touched by the operator.
  • Measurements made within 10 seconds.
  • Prevents operator's bias.
  • Slices are not mechanically damaged or contaminated by the instrument.

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