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Coring Tools

Alabama Research and Development has developed new improved coring tools for cutting cylindrical live tissue cores for use in the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer. Thin wall stainless steel tubing used in other coring tools does not hold an edge well and is difficult to sharpen. The new coring tools are made from heat-treated, knife-quality stainless steel. The cutting edge angles are designed to give sharp, well-formed tissue cores which is important for use in the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer. With proper handling, the coring tools should more than triple the life of the older tools.

The tools can be used either as hand-held tools or with the Alabama Research and Development tissue coring press. The coring tools are available in four sizes.

MP0142 - 3MM Tissue Coring Tool

MP0143 - 5MM Tissue Coring Tool

MP0144 - 8MM Tissue Coring Tool

MP0145 - 10MM Tissue Coring Tool

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