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Alabama Laser Technologies

Alabama Laser

For questions or quotes on:

• Laser Cutting
• Tube Services
• Punching / Forming
• Welding
• Powder Coating
• Waterjet
• Precision Machining

E-mail: alt@alspi.com

Steve Mace

For questions or quotes on:

• Laser Cladding
• Laser Welding
• Laser Heat Treating
• Laser Etching
• Custom Systems
• Wire Feeder

E-mail: als@alspi.com

Sherry Reynolds

Sales Coordinator

Ed Mulvaney

Outside Sales Rep.

Rick Hernandez

Sales Representative

Dennis Pritchard

Special Projects Manager

Sai Mudiam

Chief Technology Officer

Casey Mitchell

Sales Representative

Scott McLeod

Sales Representative

Shane Price

Project Manager

Rick McRae

Weld Engineer
Wayne Penn

Applied Physics Consultant


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E-mail: als@alspi.com
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