Bypass Piping Systems

Metal Samples provides conventional or custom-designed bypass piping systems for on-line corrosion monitoring. Commonly used in the industrial water treatment industry to determine the corrosive properties of potable or cooling water, these systems are available in PVC, carbon and stainless steels, and other materials.

Bypass systems are easily installed to your existing piping. Normally, all you need is a 1" NPT male fitting on which to attach the bypass. Standard bypass systems come equipped with pipe plug coupon holders1, pre-weighed mild steel coupons2, and a flow control valve.
Bypass Piping Systems
1 Coupon holder material is based on bypass material.
2 Quantity of coupon holders and coupons is based on the number of stations.



Temperature Rating
PVC Body - 110°F / 43°C
Metal Body - 210°F / 99°C3
Pressure Rating - 125 PSI / 8.6 Bar3

3Temperature and pressure limit based on flow control gasket


Ordering Information

Part # Stations Pipe Size Fitting Size Flow Control Schedule Material
TF0008727  2 3/4" 1/2" NPT 5 GPM Sch80 PVC
TF2441727 3
TF2433727 4
TF2446727 2 1" 3/4" NPT 8 GPM Sch80 PVC
TF2476727 3
TF2442727 4
TF2462A59 2 1" 1" NPT 8 GPM Sch40 Black Iron
TF0064A59 3
TF2440A59 4
TF2462159 2 1" 1" NPT 8 GPM Sch40 316L SS
TF0064159 3
TF2440159 4
TF2462543 2 1" 1" NPT 8 GPM Sch40 Galvanized
TF0064543 3
TF2440543 4

Standard bypass systems are shown here. Please contact the factory for other configurations, pipe sizes, and materials.

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