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ElectrodesMetal Samples provides electrodes compatible with our various electrochemical probes and instruments, as well as those of most other manufacturers. We can also machine electrodes to customer specifications. We can machine electrodes from our huge inventory of metals, or from customer-supplied material. For a listing of our common alloys see Available Alloys.

In addition to our standard metal electrodes, we offer a silver/silver-chloride reference electrode for electrochemical testing. See Model TF0221 for more information.

We also offer a variety of gaskets used with common electrochemical testing apparatus.

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Electrode Ordering Information

P/N EL400


Typically used for 2-electrode probes.
Surface Finish: Approximately 8-16 RMS
Surface Area: .736 in2


P/N EL405


Length & diameter vary by alloy.


P/N EL410


Centerless Grind O.D.
Surface area: .700 in2


P/N EL412


Typically used for 3-electrode probes.
Length & diameter vary by alloy.

Gaskets Commonly Used With Electro-Chemical Apparatus

P/N MI2616

Teflon® gasket for use with EG&G 5/8" disc holder


P/N MI2604

Teflon® Compression Spacer for Electro-chemical Electrode Mounting (Per ASTM G-5)


P/N MI2605

Teflon® Compression Gasket for Electro-chemical Electrode Mounting (Per ASTM G-5)

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
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