Mechanical Test Specimens

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Mechanical test specimens are used to evaluate the physical characteristics of materials. Assessing the strength, ductility, and hardness of an alloy gives the engineer valuable information in determining the best materials for use in industrial applications. Metal Samples machines tensile and fracture mechanics test specimens to ASTM specifications or to your requirements. Specimens in a wide variety of sizes and materials are available.

Tensile Specimens

Flat Tensile Specimens


Round Tensile Specimens

Flat Tensile Specimens   Round Tensile Specimens

Fracture Mechanics Specimens



Wedge Open Load

Fracture Mechanics Specimens
P/N IS2700
  Fracture Mechanics Specimens
P/N IS2701

Compact Tension


Double Cantilevered Beam

Fracture Mechanics Specimens
P/N IS2702
  Fracture Mechanics Specimens
P/N IS2703

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