Model SR2159

Easy Tool Retracting System

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The Easy Tool Retracting System is designed for the safe insertion or retraction of Metal Samples series 4000 systems, including electrical resistance probes (ER), linear polarization probes (LP), coupon insertion systems (RT), and chemical injection systems (IP). Metal Samples requires that an Easy Tool be used when working on systems with pressures over 150 PSI.

The Easy Tool can insert/retrieve standard electrical resistance probes and coupon insertion systems up to 42".

With a weight of under 15 pounds and an overall length of 44", the Easy Tool is one of the lightest and shortest retracting tools available on the market.

The Easy Tool can be used with most standard packing glands with pressure ratings up to 2,000 PSI.

Ordering Part #:

SR2159ER24 - Insertion length of 24"

SR2159ER36 - Insertion length of 36"
(standard size)

Easy Tool Retracting System
Easy Tool Retracting System & Case
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