Coupon Finishes

Coupons can be furnished with a variety of finishes depending on your particular application. Some of the typical finishes available are defined below.

  • Mill - finish as produced from mill.
  • Glass Bead - blasted with fine glass beads to remove mill scale.
  • Sand Blast - course grit blasted to remove mill scale.
  • 120 Grit - fine finish using a 120 grit belt and commonly used in corrosion tests, such as pitting studies, where smooth surface finish is desired. Finishes up to 600 grit (extremely fine) can be provided by using belt sanders.
  • Double Disc Ground - extra fine finish using an abrasive disc that leaves minimal residue. Excellent for studies where surface finish is critical. Capable of producing 16-32 RMS finishes on common steels and 8 RMS on carbide steels.
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