Fixed (Pipe Plug) Coupon Holders
for Cylindrical Coupons

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Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems carries a variety of standard pipe plug coupon holder assemblies. We can design and make these assemblies to meet your specifications for size and material requirements. Corrosion Coupon Holders - Cylindrical

Ordering Information

P/N Carbon Steel Plug Insert # of Coupons
PA2080709413 2" NPT Nylon 8
PA2080783413 2" NPT Teflon® 8
RC11E3040000 1/2" NPT Nylon 1
RC12E3040000 3/4" NPT Nylon 1
RC13E3040000 1" NPT Nylon 1

All of these cylindrical coupon holders are used with ES2 series coupons.

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