HP™ Plug Assemblies

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for High Pressure Access Systems

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HP Hollow Plug Assembly

Description Part # Material
Pipe Plug HA700167 Plastic
Hollow Plug Body
Anti-Gall Coating
HA700300158 316 SS
Primary Packing HA700266785 PTFE (25% G)
Hollow Plug Nut HA700302158 316 SS
Set Screws
2 required
09158E1032ST0187 316 SS
Probe Packing HA700277785 PTFE (25% G)
Hollow Plug Bore
Sealing Nut
HA700311158 316 SS

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HP Solid Plug Assembly

Description Part # Material
Pipe Plug HA700697158 316 SS
Solid Plug Body HA700006158 316 SS
O-Ring HA700600834 Viton®
Primary Packing HA700266785 PTFE (25% G)
Solid Plug Nut HA700210158 316 SS
Set Screw 09158E1032ST0187 316 SS

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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