Hydraulic Solid Plug Assemblies

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for High Pressure Hydraulic Access Systems

The plug assembly screws into the access fitting body and seals the bore of the fitting to contain line pressure. Solid plugs allow for mounting of coupons and coupon holders, as well as various consumable probes.

Solid Plug:    Overall length - 4.9"/125mm       Weight - 2.1 lbs/0.95 kg

Hydraulic Solid Plug Assembly
Description Part No. Material
Hydraulic Solid Plug Body HA700010158 316 SS
Pipe Plug HA700167 Plastic
Wear Ring (2) PR7211785 Glass filled PTFE
Primary Packing HA700266785 Glass filled PTFE
Solid Plug Nut HA700210158 316 SS
Set Screw 09158E1032ST0187 316 SS


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