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Service Valve

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Three ball-type service valves are available for use with Metal Samples retrieval tools: standard, low and high temperature. The female threads on this valve are industry-standard ACME threads and may be used with any Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems high pressure access fitting as well as any other 2" access fitting. The valves have a bleed valve located on the non-process side of the ball. This bleed valve may be used to drain the retrieval tool, sample process, or be used as a path for back-pressuring. All valves are NACE MR-0175 compliant for use in sour service, factory pressure tested for a working pressure of 3600 psi* W.O.G., and meet API6FA and API607 fire safe requirements.

The service valve is a portable valve that is used in conjunction with a retrieval tool. The service valve is threaded onto an access fitting in preparation for retrieving a plug. Next, the retrieval tool is attached to the service valve. System pressure is then equalized in the retrieval tool by unseating the plug.

Service Valve
Figure 1. Service Valve

Occasionally deposit buildup in access fitting bodies does not allow for pressure equalization through the plug. If this occurs, the retrieval tool can be back pressured by use of a back-pressure kit (P/N - HA104000). Once pressure equalization has occurred, the plug is removed and the valve is shut. Finally, the retrieval tool is removed from the valve allowing access to the plug and its accessory. A Blanking Cap/Plug Assembly (P/N - PS5612) may be installed on the valve as an additional safety measure, if required.

Service valves are supplied with a durable lightweight field service case, extension bar, tool kit, and one O-ring seal kit.

* A 6000 psi model is also available. Contact our sales department for details.

Physical Data
Valve weight: 45 lbs.
Case dimensions: 12 3/4" x 13 3/4" x 20 1/4"
Case weight: 25 lbs.
Total weight: 70 lbs.


  • Complies with API6FA and API607 as a fire-safe unit
  • NACE MR0175
  • Pressure rating - 3600 PSI
  • Seal options available for temperature ratings up to 450°F

Ordering Information

Service Valve
Part # Description
HA101250 Standard Temperature Valve
(200°F to 0°F (93°C to -18°C)
HA101251 Low Temperature Valve
(200°F to -50°F (93°C to -46°C)
HA101252 High Temperature Valve
(450°F to 0°F (232°C to -18°C)


Repair Parts
Part # Description
KR1009834 Standard Temp. Seal Kit
KR1010 Standard Temp. Repair Kit
PR6303834 Standard / High Temp. Male End O-Ring
HA700604834 Standard / High Temp. Female End O-Ring
PR6303370 Low Temp. Male End O-Ring
HA700604370 Low Temp. Female End O-Ring
PR6359158 316SS 6000 psi Bleed Valve


Optional/Spare Tools and Accessories
Part # Description
PR6961 Socket 19MM 12 Point 1/2" Drive Deep Wall*
PR6962 8MM Allen Wrench*
PR6963 10MM Allen Wrench*
PR6358 Brass Hammer**
PS5612 Blanking Cap/Plug Assembly

*1 each 19mm socket, 8mm allen wrench, and 10mm allen wrench supplied with each service valve.
**Brass hammer supplied with retrieval tool.

Service Valve
Figure 2. Service Valve Part Diagram
Item Description Low Temp
High Temp
1* Viton O-Ring Buna-N Viton 70 Viton 70 1
2* Viton O-Ring Buna-N Viton Viton 1
3* Viton O-Ring Buna-N Viton 70 Viton 70 1
4* Seat Seal Celcon Celcon PEEK 2
5* Viton O-Ring Buna-N Viton Viton 1
6* "L" Seal Buna-N Viton Viton 2
7** Carrier 4130 4130 4130 2
8* Stem Seal Polymyte/
9* Ring, Back-Up Teflon Teflon Teflon 1
10 316 6000 PSI 316 316 316 1
11** Bleed Valve Ball 17-4 PH SS 17-4 PH SS 17-4 PH SS 1

Table 1. Service Valve Part Details

* Parts included in Seal Kit / Repair Kit.
** Parts included in Repair Kit.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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