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Packing Gland Instructions

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1. If PACKING GLAND is not already installed, slide the PACKING GLAND over the INSERTION ROD or PROBE.

Note: The packing gland must be adjusted prior to mounting packing gland to process.

2. Loosen the LOCKING NUT. Slide LOCKING NUT and FERRULE away from the RETAINER.

3. Loosen the JAM NUT. Turn RETAINER clockwise to tighten the packing. The packing should be tightened until there is a resistance felt while sliding the INSERTION ROD in and out. The following table summarizes the recommended torque for ambient temperature against water:

Pressure Rating 150 psi 500 psi 1,000 psi 2,000 psi
PTE (Teflon®) Packing 240 in·lb
20 ft·lb
240 in·lb
20 ft·lb
300 in·lb
25 ft·lb
300 in·lb
25 ft·lb
Grafoil Packing 180 in·lb
15 ft·lb
180 in·lb
15 ft·lb
240 in·lb
20 ft·lb
240 in·lb
20 ft·lb

Note: Do not overtighten packing. This will result in damage to the gland.

4. Tighten the JAM NUT, thereby locking the RETAINER in place.

5. Mount the PACKING GLAND on the NIPPLE or FLANGE and secure in place. The rod should be fully retracted at this time with the LOCKING NUT and FERRULE clear of the RETAINER.


The following steps may require a certified pipe fitter for complete installation.

6. Open the process valve and check for packing leaks. If packing is leaking, shut the process valve, remove the PACKING GLAND, and readjust the PACKING GLAND using steps 3-5.

Note: The packing gland may be tightened as long as the rod will slide in and out of the gland.

7. Insert to desired length. To lock the ROD in place, secure the LOCKING NUT and FERRULE.

8. Mount the safety plates or safety cap in place if applicable.

Note: Apply Anti-Seize Compound to prevent seizure of packing gland parts.
"Chevrons" of Teflon® packing should be in the direction of open to process.

Packing Rings per Gland

  3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
PTE (Teflon®) Packing 5 6 9
Grafoil Packing 6 7 7



Safety Notices

1. A SAFETY NUT or SHIELD must be installed on retractable probe(s) after inserting the PROBE into the PACKING GLAND and prior to mounting the PACKING GLAND in the process. If the SAFETY NUT or SHIELD is subjected to a sudden impact event, the probe must be inspected by qualified personnel prior to reinstallation.

2. If the system is greater than 150 psi, Metal Samples requires the use of an "Easy Tool Retracting System" to install and remove any retractable PACKING GLAND system and the use of a "Safety Clamp" once the retractable PACKING GLAND system has been installed.

4. All retractable PACKING GLAND components, especially safety devices, must be evaluated periodically for proper installation. Special care must be taken when evaluating components which are subject to high corrosion environments for structural integrity.

Failure to follow the above safety measures can result in physical injury to personnel and/or damage to plant equipment. If there are any questions concerning these safety notices, please contact our offices prior to attempting to use these products.


Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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