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Safety Chain Installation

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Fully retracted probe with safety chain installed

Inserted probe with safety chain installed.


1. To adjust the safety chain, unscrew the quick link at the safety tab end of the insertion rod.

2. Without removing the last link of the chain, take up as many links as possible and fit chain link onto quick link.

3. Screw the quick link back together. Tighten greater than hand tight with a wrench.

Some free play of the safety chain will be present after adjustment. This is normal.


Safety Notices

  1. Upon completion of adjustment, ensure both quick links are fully screwed together greater than hand tight.

  2. Ensure that loose end of chain does not interfere with equipment in the surrounding area.

  3. Replace either quick links or chain, if they become damaged.

  4. The safety chain is not to be used in any manner to aid the user in controlling the insertion rod while removing or inserting the probe.

  5. If the safety chain is subjected to a sudden impact event, the chain and quick links must be replaced prior to reinstallation of the probe.

  6. If the system pressure is greater than 150 psi, Metal Samples requires the use of an "Easy Tool Retracting System" to install and remove any retractable system and the use of a "Safety Clamp" once the retractable system has been installed.
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