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Biofilm Growth Detector

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Metal Samples in cooperation with Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., offers the BIoGEORGETM BG4 biofilm growth detection system - a modern approach to monitor the effectiveness of a biocide treatment program to ensure sufficient application of biocide for system cleanliness.
  • Mitigate MIC through real time biofilm monitoring

  • Reduce thermal fouling by controlling biofilms

  • Optimize biocide treatment programs


The BIoGEORGE BG4 Biofilm Growth Detector system, originally developed for and proven in power plant cooling water systems, monitors biofilm activity on the surface of a stainless steel or titanium probe continuously and in real time. Biofilm formation occurs more rapidly on the probe than on system piping or heat exchanger tubes. As a result, maintaining the probe in a clean condition assures that the pipe work, heat exchangers or other system surfaces are clean. The BIoGEORGE BG4 system consists of a probe, its integrated electronics, interconnecting cable, display software, a user manual, and product support.

Controller Specifications

Dimensions (approx.) 5.5 x 4.375 x 1.5 in (140 x 110 x 38 mm)
Weight (approx.) 1 lb (0.5kg)
Power Supply 5.0 mm DC Power Port or Battery
Battery Type Rechargeable 17.3 W, 3.6 V internal lithium ion
Battery Life 6-months of continuous operation capable
Display LCD (2 lines, 16 characters)
Interface Menu/Wake/Enter/Up/Down/Power on/off buttons
Indicators Six Status LEDs
Storage Temperature 0°-150°F (-18°-66°C)
Operating Temperature 10°-120°F (-12°-49°C)
Humidity 0-80% relative
Noise Level <65 dBA
Electrical Requirements  
United States AC/DC adapter with 5.0 mm DC Power Port compatible with standard 110 volt/60 Hz, AC
Europe 240 V/50 Hz power supplies
North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia & China Interchangeable power plug
Output 5V, 3A
Output Current Range (from probe) +/-20 µA (Internal Resolution = 0.01 µA)
Output Voltage Range (to probe) 0-500 mV (Internal Resolution = 0.1 mV)
Connectivity Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB-B mini, USB-A and 4–20 mA analog
Memory 6 months
Calibration Not required

Probe Specifications

Electrodes Type 316L stainless steel for fresh water environments; Ti, Gr. 2 for saline environments


Standard, threaded pipe plug (stainless steel or PVC; 1” or 2” NPT body)
Specialized probe configurations, such as flow-through or flush mounted probes, probes on a retrievable body or other custom designs available.
Mounting Electrode stack projects into the system to be monitored. Coupon racks, dedicated threaded ports in heat exchangers, other access points acceptable.
Mounting in any position is acceptable.
Limiting Pressure 3000 psig for stainless steel probe bodies; 300 psig for PVC bodies
Recommended Operating Temperature PVC Body 50°-120°F (10°-49°C)
Stainless Steel Body 50°-130°F (10 -54°C)
Suitable for outdoor installations.
Standard 50’ data cable with 6-pin connection linking the BIoGEORGE probe sensor to the BG4 controller.


All aqueous environments  
  • High purity/controlled purity water
  • Fresh waters (hard and soft)
  • Brackish waters
  • Seawater
  • Most brines
  • Contaminants such as oil can be accommodated
Fluid velocity past the probe should be typical of that of metal surfaces in the system; no special adjustments for flow are required (e.g., BG4 can monitor normally stagnant or intermittently flowing systems).

Probe must be continuously wetted

Compatible with water treatment chemicals including biocides, deposit control agents, corrosion inhibitors, and most on-line cleaning solutions.


BGConnect Utility software compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 for local (wired) and network connections.

Bluetooth connectivity with Phone/Tablet App for iOS and Android operating systems

BIoGEORGE is a trademark of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

BIoGeorge Ordering Information

BIO1000 - BIoGEORGE Biofilm Activity Monitoring System
1 - Fresh Water System - 316L Electrodes
2 - Salt Water System - Titanium Electrodes
  Probe Fitting Material
1 - PVC
2 - 316L Stainless
3 - C276
  Probe Type
1 - 1 inch NPT Pipe Plug
2 - 2 inch NPT PIpe Plug
3 - High Pressure (for use with 2 inch Access System)
4 - Retractable
Instrument Enclosure
1 - Standard
2 - NEMA-4X
3 - Explosion Proof + NEMA-4X
  Probe Length (round calculated length to the nearest 1/8")
Enter length in inches, stated in 2 decimal place format (Example: 6 1/8" = 0612)
  Cable Length
050 - 50' (Standard)

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