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Reference Assortment Kits

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Metal Samples has selected some commonly used metals for non-destructive testing. Reference Assortment Kits can be very useful in performing the Chemical Spot Test. This test method is based on electrographic extraction of metal atoms from a surface and can be verified by testing on a known alloy. An additional use of these kits is to check the element content of an alloy by examining the color intensity of a chemical spot in comparison to a standard. The reagent chemicals can be tested on a metal standard to ensure the shelf life of the chemical has not been exceeded.

Another non-destructive evaluation that utilizes metal standards is the Thermoelectric Alloy Separators Test. This test measures the "EMF" generated by a heat junction of dissimilar metals. The magnitude of the "EMF" is a function of the metal's chemistry and physical characteristics.

Reference Kit No. KR5100 contains 44 different alloys and Reference Kit No. KR5101 contains 54 different alloys. Additional slots are provided with the kit to expand the selection of alloys to meet your specific requirements. The chemical analysis of each alloy in the kit has been tabulated from mill test reports and certified chemical analyses. These test results are recorded on an analysis sheet that accompanies the assortment. Alloy specimen sizes can be either 1" x 2" x 1/16" or 1" x 2" x 1/8". The alloy specimens have a glass bead blasted finish.

Reference Kit No. KR5100 contents:
AL 1100 I800H / HT 321
AL 2024 I825 347
AL 3003 M400 410
AL 5052 20Cb3 416
AL 5086 G3 420
AL 6061 HC-276 430
CDA 110 HB-3 440C
CDA 260 Haynes 25 Ti Gr 2
CDA 360 17-4PH F255
CDA 464 301 C1010
CDA 510 302 C4140
CDA 706 303 C4340
CDA 715 304L Mg
I600 316L Zinc
I625 317L  

Reference Kit No. KR5101 contents:
AL1100 I800H / HT 317L
AL2024 I825 321
AL3003 M400 347
AL5086 20Cb3 410
AL6061 G3 430
AL7075 HC-276 904L
CDA 110 HB-3 F255
CDA 122 HX Ti Gr 2
CDA 260 Haynes 25 Ti Gr 5
CDA 360 Al-6XN Ti Gr 7
CDA 443 LDX2101 C1010
CDA 464 2205 C1020
CDA 706 301 1 1/4Cr 1/2Mo
CDA 715 302 2 1/4Cr 1Mo
N200 304L 5Cr 1/2Mo
I600 309S 9Cr 1Mo
I625 310S C4140
IX750 316L C4340

Reference Assortment Kit Ordering Information

KR5100 44 piece Reference Assortment Kit
KR5101 54 piece Reference Assortment Kit


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