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MH™ Plug Assemblies

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for High Pressure Access Systems

MH Solid Plug

MH Hollow Plug

An MH Plug serves as a "carrier" in a high pressure access system, and is used to install and hold a device in an MH Access Fitting. The device is mounted on the plug, and is then inserted into the Access Fitting using the Retrieval Tool. The plug holds the device in place during service, and serves as the primary pressure boundary.

Hollow plugs are used with probes, which require a through hole to allow clearance for the electrical connector. Solid plugs are used with most other devices such as coupon holders and injection nozzles.

The MH plug assemblies incorporate the following innovative design features which distinguish them from the HP plug assemblies and plug assemblies available from other major manufacturers.

  • A quick stab collet to facilitate easy attachment to the retrieval tool during removal and installation of the plug.
  • A coarse ACME plug thread to minimize the risk of galling or plug fouling.
  • A keyway feature to permit reproducible accurate orientation of installed hardware, coupon equipment, and injection nozzles.
  • A metal-to-metal back-up seal to minimize leakage, even if the access fitting assembly is subjected to high temperatures.

Odering Information

Plug Type
HA700953 - MH Hollow Plug Assembly*
HA700645 - MH Solid Plug Assembly**
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*Hollow Plug includes 25% glass-filled PTFE primary packing.
**Solid Plug includes 25% glass-filled PTFE primary packing and Viton® o-ring.

This list represents our most common options.  Many other alloys and seal materials are available.
Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you are looking for.

Spare / Repair Parts

MH Hollow Plug Assembly

Item Description Part # Material  
1 Hollow Plug Body HA700303158 316 SS
2 O-Ring PR6280834 Viton®
3 High Pressure Probe Packing HA700277785 25% GF Teflon®
4 Set Screw 09158E1032ST0187 316 SS
5 Bore Seal Nut HA700311158 316 SS

MH Solid Plug Assembly

Item Description Part # Material  
1 Drive Screw HA700007159 316 SS
2 Retainer Pin PR6366159 316 SS
3 Thrust Washer PR6367783 Teflon®
4 Wave Washer PR6370138 SS
5 Spirolox Pin PR6371138 SS
6 O-Ring PR6280834 Viton®
7 Solid Plug Mandrel HA700008159 316 SS
8 Set Screw 09158E3716CP0750 316 SS

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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