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Corrosion Test Racks

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Metal Samples offers corrosion test racks used to mount coupons and secure them directly to operating equipment or within a process system. Corrosion test racks make it easy to evaluate how corrosion would effect differing alloys and material finishes under identical conditions. Rack usage helps eliminate coupon loss which might occur if samples were individually placed in a process flow.

Corrosion test racks can be fabricated to meet your requirements for material and size. A variety of insulators, washers, and spacers used to isolate coupons can also be ordered separately.


Flat Bar Rack

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks


Pipeline Insertion Rack

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks

Spool Rack

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks

Corrosion Coupon Test Racks

Guidelines for Supporting Specimens

Corrosive behavior of materials subjected to immersion, partial immersion, or vapor phase can have great variance. For this reason, specimens to be tested should be properly positioned. There are several important points to be considered when supporting specimens for exposure:

Each specimen location should be identified by sketch and recorded.

The corrosive media should have access to the coupons.

The test rack should have adequate corrosion resistance to endure the test.

Specimens should be electrically isolated from other metals unless galvanic effects are being studied.

Specimens should be located in easily accessible areas.

Also see Insulators, Washers, and Spacers.
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