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Hydraulic Access Fitting Assemblies

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for High Pressure Hydraulic Access Systems

The Hydraulic Access Fitting Assembly consists of an access fitting body, plug retainers (locking pins), a protective cover, and a hollow/solid plug.

The access fitting body is manufactured from A350 LF2 steel; however, other materials are available upon request. The flareweld fitting has a radius to accommodate the shape of the pipeline or vessel and has a tapered end with a large surface area to allow for a stronger weld joint. Buttweld, socketweld, NPT, and multiple types of flange connections are also available as mounting options. T-type fittings are available on request.

Plug retainers (locking pins) are designed to hold the solid/hollow plug in place after installation. Media sealing is achieved with NORSOK approved Explosive Decompression (ED) resistant FKM O-rings.

Above Left: Cutaway of hydraulic access fitting
showing inserted solid plug and plug retainers
with hollow plug beside it.
Above Right: Hydraulic access fitting
with cover beside it.

Hydraulic Access Systems Ordering Information

Model Height (in/mm) Weight (lbs/kg) Pressure Rating (psi/MPa)  
HF1000 Flareweld 6.5 / 165 17.2 / 7.8 6090 / 42.0
HF2000 Buttweld 6.5 / 165 17.0 / 7.7 6090 / 42.0
HF4000 NPT 7.5 / 191 15.7 / 7.1 6090 / 42.0
Spare Parts Available
Part # Description Material  
PR7197 Plug Retainer 17-4PH
PI006734 Plug Retainer O-Ring FKM

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