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software for ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring

Metal Samples along with Sensor Networks Inc., offers the webPIMS® cloud-based, back-end corrosion/erosion data management software which allows users to quickly and easily analyze, set alarms for, trend, map, export and report metal-loss data and rates.

webPIMS® offers:
• Custom alarms for corrosion rate and thickness value.
• A-scans with every reading.
• Temperature-adjusted thickness.
• GPS coordinates for monitoring locations.
• Data export to XML/CSV.

monitor corrosion rate
resolution to 0.001” (0.025mm) • high-risk areas • historically problematic locations
monitor “low spots”
post-NDE screening of pits to monitor re-maining thickness • measures down to 0.040” (1.02mm)
replace/augment intrusive methods
validation of coupons, ER probes, etc.
reduce costs
reduce scaffolding and insulation removal/refitting for internal corrosion monitoring • more accurate/reliable data improving operations

Home page screen showing enterprise-wide macro view, including pie chart with sensor location, status, GPS and latest readings of all sensors.

Trending screen graphically shows metal loss
versus time, temperature, thickness and digitized RF signals (A-Scans) for each measurement.

Features like temperature compensation help
maximize accuracy of thickness measurements.

  • Cloud-based application with 128-bit AES encryption.

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services by SNI or customer.

  • Accessed with login and password.

  • Customizable to six layers of hierachical naming.

  • Stores pictures, comments and other pertinent info for each sensor or PI&D location.


WebPIMS™ performs temperature compensated thickness measurements as well as alarms on wall thickness and corrosion rate. Quickly and easily export data to an .xml or .csv file for reporting or mass export to historians/IDMS. Add pictures, descriptions and other notes to show where the sensors are placed and other important information.

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