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Model IP4000

Injection & Sampling System
Retractable with Packing Gland

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Model IP4000 Injection & Sampling System is a retractable unit commonly used in field and plant applications. A specially designed packing gland is used with the unit for insertion into or retraction from a pressurized system without a process shutdown. The unit is designed to mount onto a 1" piping system, but can easily be adapted to fit your specific requirements. The unit assembly consists of a packing gland and an insertion rod with an injection/sampling fitting. The fitting, which is threaded or welded to the end of the rod, can be either a quill, open, cap & core, or nozzle assembly type. A safety chain is also provided to prevent blowout. In systems with pressure over 150 psi, an adaptor for the Easy Tool may be added to the unit. Standard packing material in the packing gland is Teflon®, however, grafoil packing can be provided for high temperature applications. Model IP4000 units are available in different lengths and materials.


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C Teflon®
Temperature Rating - 850° F / 454° C Grafoil
Pressure Rating - 2000 PSI / 138 Bar
Mounting - 1" Full Port Valve (min.)

Std. Length I.L. (max)
24" 16"
30" 22"
36" 28"
42" 34"

The Easy Tool is required for probe insertion or retraction in systems with pressure over 150 pounds.

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IP4000 Ordering Information

IP45 - Injection & Sampling System 1" NPT Female Thread, Packing Gland with Teflon®
IP75 - Injection & Sampling System 1" NPT Female Thread, Packing Gland with Grafoil
IPB7 - Injection & Sampling System 1 1/2" NPT Male Swage Nipple (used with head, cap, core)
IP00 - Injection & Sampling System Replacement Insertion Rod
  Mounting Material (Packing Gland & Rod)
22 - 316
44 - C276
  Injection Tip Options
010 - Quill (Straight)
020 - Quill (Raised)
030 - Open
040 - 1/4" NPT (Female) with Nozzle*
050 - Head with cap and core (9/16") - Must use Swage Nipple
060 - 1/4" NPT (Male) with Nozzle*
070 - 3/8" NPT (Male) with Nozzle*
090 - 1/2" NPT (Female) with Nozzle*
  Tube Size
1 - 3/8"
2 - 1/2"
3 - 5/8"
24 - 16 inches max insertion length
30 - 22 inches max insertion length
36 - 28 inches max insertion length
42 - 34 inches max insertion length
  Dry End Mount Options
01 - Blanked off
02 - 1/2" NPT
03 - 3/4" NPT
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This list represents our most common options.  Many other sizes, alloys, and options are available.
Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you're looking for.
(Note: Not all alloys are available with all element types and seals.)
* Chemically equivalent to standard pipe-grade carbon steels.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.


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