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Model HCA200


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Model HCA200 bio-probe is used to collect samples of bacteria in gas and oil producing systems. The bacterial population on a system’s metal surface is more relevant to corrosion than the bacterial population in the system’s fluids. This is because only surface or sessile bacteria cause corrosion. Thus a corrosion control program is ineffective unless it kills those bacteria which have formed attached biomasses. The same bacteria which cause problems in gas pipelines, tanks, vessels, oil wells and water handling systems attach to the bio-probe’s sample element. And since the bio-probe is designed for high pressure access systems, common throughout the oil field, it becomes a convenient and economical way for sampling corrosion-causing biological activity. Bio-Probe

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Item #

Description Material
1 Heavy duty cover Carbon steel
2 O-ring VITON®
3 Solid plug 316
4 Primary packing
(primary seal)
25% G.F. Teflon®
5 Access fitting Carbon steel
6 Bacteria sample holder Delrin
7 Bacteria fixture 316
8 O-ring VITON®
9 Sample element "Bullet" Mild steel or brass

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
VITON® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers LLC.


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HCA2158 - Bio-Probe Assembly with Delrin Holder
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EL4383770900000 Biological Sample Elements - Carbon Steel
EL4384340900000 Biological Sample Elements - Brass
HA700645158 Solid Plug, MHTM High Pressure Access System, 316
HA700644158 Solid Plug, HPTM High Pressure Access System, 316
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