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Video Tutorial

Retractable Systems & Easy Tool

This series of video tutorials will guide you through the installation and use of the Metal Samples Retractable Packing System and Easy Tool.

These videos do not necessarily address all safety concerns.
When working with any pressurized equipment, common sense and good safety practices should be observed.
All corporate, local, and federal safety regulations should be followed.
All work should be done by qualified personnel.

1. Introduction

2. Receiving your Retractable Device

3. Components of a Retractable System

4. System Installation Requirements

5. Packing Adjustment

6. Device Mounting and Insertion by Hand (< 150 psi)

7. Device Retraction by Hand (< 150 psi)

8. Easy Tool Mounting

9. Easy Tool Mounting - Insert Slide Engagement (closeup)

10. Device Insertion Using the Easy Tool (150 to 1500 psi)

11. Device Insertion Using the Easy Tool - Continued (150 to 1500 psi)

12. Device Retraction Using the Easy Tool (150 to 1500 psi)

13. Conclusion

Easy Tool Adapter

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