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Model PR6573158

Remote Alarm Actuator / Indicator (RAAI)
for use with Sand Probes

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Model PR6573158 is a remote alarm actuator / indicator (RAAI) which can be used with a sand probe to indicate when erosion penetrates the probe. The RAAI may be mounted directly on the probe or may be mounted remotely to a tee type access fitting body which is connected to the probe.

As a sand probe is exposed to the flow of a system, a hole is eventually eroded through the probe’s element. Once penetration has occurred, the system pressure travels through the sand probe body and into the RAAI Adapter Stem, which pushes out the End Knob to its extended position, revealing a red indicator on the RAAI Body Stem.

To establish remote alarm activation, a control pressure must be applied at the RAAI Input connection. When the end knob is retracted, the RAAI Body Stem blocks the Input control pressure and bleeds the Output control pressure through the Exhaust Port. Various alarm components/devices may be connected to the RAAI Output to remotely indicate when erosion penetrates the sand probe. An example of this would be a pressure switch connected to the Output which when triggered would activate a remote alarm. For a replacement seal kit order part # KR1012834.


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C
Pressure Rating - 3600 PSI / 245 Bar
Mounting - 1/2" NPT
Input Control Pressure - 250 PSI max.
Seals - Viton®


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PR6573158 Remote Alarm Actuator / Indicator (RAAI)
for use with Sand Probes


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